The activity of APPAK LLP is carried out in accordance with directions adopted by Policy of NAC Kazatomprom JSC in the field of occupational safety, environmental protection, nuclear and radiation safety.

Labor protection and industrial safety

Provision of labor protection and industrial safety is the basis for stable operation of any enterprise. The most important elements of Policy of APPAK LLP in the field of labor protection and environment are: increasing level of occupational safety, environmental education of industry workers, openness and accessibility of information, constructive cooperation with the public.

During last five years, industrial accidents, occupational diseases, as well as accidents and fires have not been allowed by APPAK LLP.

Taking into account that in development of the company the highest priority now and in the future is safety of personnel at work, the Partnership has introduced the project “Introduction of target processes on integrated security” within the framework of business transformation.

The main goal of the project is:

✔ reducing the level and severity of injuries and accidents at the Company's enterprises;
✔ risk reduction by replacing dangers with safe or less dangerous one;
✔ formalization and unification of business processes around perimeter of the Company's organizations;
✔ reducing costs associated with injuries, accidents and violations;
✔ improvement of the Company's image among clients, existing and potential employees

The Partnership has introduced and operates Industrial Safety Management System (ISMS), in accordance with which work has been organized to comply with requirements of regulatory documents and create safe working conditions. Standardization of industrial safety management processes helps to identify causes of safety risks and health of personnel and to take corrective activities to eliminate them.

Industrial safety management system of the Partnership has planned principles and is carried out in accordance with laws of Republic of Kazakhstan, regulatory and technical acts, orders, instructions, guidelines and recommendations of NAC Kazatomprom JSC, which regulate production safety requirements.


  • Environmental protection

The mineral resource base of APPAK LLP is uranium deposits in Zapadnyi area of Mynkuduk deposit in Turkestan region. Available stocks ensure long-term stable operation of the enterprise. The extraction of natural uranium at the mine is carried out by the most progressive, environmentally safe and cost-effective way of in-situ leaching, without raise of ore to the surface of the earth.

In APPAK LLP centralized management system is used, thanks to which entire production process is under continuous control and provides maximum safety. The method of in-situ leaching, which is used at the enterprise, has undeniable environmental advantages over traditional mining methods (mines, quarries). There is no contact of workers with ore, absence of disposal of liquid and solid waste into surface water bodies and significant emissions of gases and dust into atmosphere, possibility of complete mechanization and automation of technological processes, provision of comfortable labor conditions for working personnel.

  • Radiation safety

Radiation monitoring is integral part of environmental monitoring. In APPAK LLP, radiation safety service daily monitoring level of radiation exposure to the personnel. APPAK LLP in course of its production activities takes into account potential risk of radiation of own personnel and environment. All employees of APPAK LLP are provided with special clothes, special shoes and other personal protective equipment at the expense of the employer, which fully meet with principles and condition of work performance, being performed under special temperature conditions, with presence of harmful production factors.

At the same time, in APPAK LLP constantly carries out activities fight against radiophobia and explanatory works among the population and workers, which contribute improvement of safety culture, improvement of the company's image and reducing social tensions in regions of activities of the Partnership.