• consulting of contacted workers, participants in labor disputes, conflict and assisting them in developing mutually acceptable, constructive and implementable solution, taking into account compliance with legislation of Republic of Kazakhstan, including compliance with confidentiality if necessary;
  • rendering assistance in solving problematic social and labor issues of workers of the Partnership, as well as in adhering to principles of business ethics by employees of the Partnership;
  • development of recommendations for persons, which involved in dispute, conflict or problem situation on settlement of conflicts (disputes);
  • consulting officials of the Partnership on resolution and prevention of conflicts (disputes), which have systemic, legal and organizational nature, as well as on compliance with principles of business ethics;
  • referring under consideration of relevant bodies and officials of the Partnership problematic issues identified by him that are multi-faceted and require adoption of appropriate decisions (integrated measures), advancement of constructive proposals for its solution.
  • making proposals for improving internal regulatory documents of the Partnership within its competence;
  • taking other non-regulatory measures, including aimed at restoration of violated rights and legitimate interests.

If you have any questions regarding violation of your labor rights, please apply for the following contact details

Ombudsman of APPAK LLP


Sakhov Erbol Medeubekovich


+7705 735 54 34