Hiroshi Eguchi

Deputy General Director on International relations

Functional responsibilities:

  • Carry out marketing researches on Japan's uranium market;
  • Coordinating role in the process of interaction with Japanese founders;
  • Within the competence of the Deputy General Director on International Relations, conduct interviews and recommend of hiring of employees of “APPAK” LLP to the structural subdivisions responsible for the sale of uranium and other powers delegated by the General Director in accordance with the power of attorney.

Graduated from the University of Tokyo. Bachelor in the field of “Nuclear technology”, further successfully graduated from the Master's program at the Tokyo University in the field of “Nuclear technology”.

The first years of career worked in the Department of nuclear fuel of Sumitomo Corporation, then was a manager in the Moscow representative officeof the Sumitomo Corporation. Later worked as: Deputy General Director in “Sumitrade” CJSC; Manager in the CIS, Turkey and the Baltic countries, Tokyo, Japan; General Director of the Kiev office of Sumitomo Corporation; Deputy General Director of Toshiba RUS in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

In 2018 was appointed as Deputy General Director on International Relations of “APPAK” LLP.

Does not have part-time jobs.